Pro Advantage Hydrocolloid Dressings


Hydrocolloid Dressings


Pro Advantage Hydrocolloid Dressings

This integrated hydrocolloid formula provides world-class wound healing effectiveness. We offer an ultra-thin hydrocolloid at 15mm. Our standard hydrocolloid is capable of besting the competition wear time while reducing profile and weight by 25%. The outer polyurethane layer provides a barrier to water and bacteria, while maintaining a moist environment. The semi-occlusive properties allow for oxygen and moisture vapor transmission creating the optimal conditions for wound healing. Sterile.

Additional Information:

Pro Advantage Hydrocolloid Dressings are available in three different options to meet your needs. Option 1 is a regular thickness dressing measuring 4" x 4 1/4". Option 2 is a thin dressing measuring 2" x 2.125". Option 3 is a thin dressing measuring 4" x 4 1/4".