Cardinal Health Handicare Garment Liner, Light Absorbency, 6 1/2" x 17"




Two-part absorbency system for moderate incontinence protection. Liners are designed with a slim silhouette that is undetectable under regular clothing. Stay-dry facing encourages a healthier skin environment, and a double adhesive strip on the moisture-proof backing holds liner securely in place. Contains super-absorbent polymer for maximum fluid retention while reducing odor and keeping wetness away from skin.

  • Case of 200
  • Light Absorbency
  • Size 6 1/2 x 17 in
  • Polypropylene Topsheet / Polymer Core
Additional Information:

The Cardinal Health Handicare Garment Liner is a light absorbency liner that is 6 1/2" x 17". This liner is designed to protect your clothes from incontinence.