Safetec Green Z Spill Control Solidifier


Safety & Emergency


Safetec Green Z Spill Control Solidifier

Chlorine-Free Formula. At times, workers may be unintentionally exposed to blood and bodily fluid spills along witih other harmful substances such as toxic chemicals, biological hazardous, and chemotherapy agents. To help reduce those exposure risks, rely on Green-Z® for improved safety in your spill cleanup operations. Contains fast-acting, superabsorbent polymers. Chlorine-free (safe for use on chemotherapy, glutaraldehyde and mercury spills), Eliminates splashing by solidifying and turning spills into semi-solid (gel) mass, Cost-effective cleanup solution.

Additional Information:

Looking for a way to control spills? Look no further than Safetec Green Z Spill Control Solidifier. This product is available in a 50 lb bucket, 15 oz shaker top bottle, 5 oz shaker top bottle, or single-use pouch. Simply sprinkle Green-Z on the spill, and it will quickly solidify, making cleanup a breeze.