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Protect minor burns, scratches, and wounds with Garfield Adhesive Decorated Bandages. Made with translucent tape to blend evenly with a variety of skin tones. Comes in 6 different sizes. Latex free. Garfield decorated bandages are sterile, latex-free, and easy to open. The adhesive bandages will stay secure, even when wet. Great for all ages.

Additional Information:

Looking for a fun and unique way to dress up your cuts and scrapes? Check out our Garfield Adhesive Decorated Bandages! These bandages feature everyone's favorite orange cat and are sure to put a smile on your face. Each bandage is 3/4x3", making them perfect for small cuts and scrapes.


What are adhesive bandages?

Garfield adhesive bandages are used to protect minor cuts, burns, and injuries from bacteria and dirt.

How long do adhesive bandages last?

Most adhesive bandages do not have expiration dates and can be kept in storage for a long while. Check the adhesive before using Garfield Adhesive Decorated Bandages to make sure they will securely protect wounds.

What is a sterile bandage?

Sterile bandages are free from bacteria.

What types of bandages are there?

Tube, liquid, moleskin, adhesive (Garfield Adhesive Decorated Bandages), gauze, suture, triangle, and compression bandages.

What's the difference between sterile and non-sterile?

Sterile products are more expensive and meet FDA sterilization standards and are made to resist bacteria. Non-sterile products are those that have not been sterilized.

What is a sheer bandage?

Sheer bandages are non-stick, lightweight, flexible, cushioned pads used for general wound protection on minor cuts and bruises.

How do you remove a fabric band-aid?

To remove a fabric band-aid without causing any pain, soak a cotton ball in either baby oil or rubbing alcohol. Then, rub the cotton ball over the bandage until it falls off.

What is a medical dressing?

Medical dressings are cloth or gauze pads used to protect wounds and absorb moisture.

How do you bandage a wound with gauze?

Saint Luke’s outlines the process step-by-step for bandaging a wound with gauze.