Apollo's Perine Foaming Perineal Body Wash 7oz Bottle




Perineal cleansing and bedside bathing is that much easier for bedridden individuals when using Apollo's Perine™ Foaming Perineal Body Wash Cleanser. This No-Rinse cleansing foam penetrates the skin where persistent, foul odors occur. Perine provides routine cleansing but assists caregivers with incontinent clean up as well as the toughest accidents of urine, BM and vomit. The rich foam quickly penetrates and emulsifies soiled skin to lift these materials for easy clean up. Perine contains a positive ionic lock that binds to negative odor-causing materials and prevents it from vaporizing and therefore stop odors on contact.

Product Features:

  • Eliminates Offensive Odors
  • Leaves Skin Soft and Smooth
  • Convenient No-Rinse Formula
  • Smooth, Talc-Feel
  • Ionic Lock to Instantly Deodorize
  • Gentle, Non-Toxic Formula
  • No Harsh Soaps or Chemicals
  • Economical


    Quantity 12/Case
    Color White
    Size 7oz
    Application Daily Hygiene, Incontinent, Bedside Cleaning