Encore Perry Style 42 PF, Latex Surgical Gloves


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Learn about Ansell Encore Perry Style 42 Powder Free Surgical Gloves

Encore Perry Style 42 PF Surgical Gloves by Ansell are latex, powder-free, and optimized for tactile sensitivity without sacrificing protection for healthcare professionals. The powder-free surgical glove has a smooth finish and is polymer coated. Encore Perry Style 42 PF has a moderate grip level. Beaded grip style. Natural color latex gloves. Encore Perry Style 42 PF gloves were designed to reduce hand fatigue for dentists, dermatologists, surgeons, and other medical providers.


  • Enhanced polymer coating allows easy dry and damp-hand donning
  • This powder-free latex glove contains 50 micrograms or less of total water-extractable protein per gram
  • Its anti-slip smooth finish provides maximum tactile sensitivity


Country of Origin Malaysia
Hand Compatibility Hand Specific
Glove Interior With Polymer Coating
Application Surgical Glove
Chemo Rated Not Chemo Approved
Latex Free Indicator Contains Latex
Brand ENCORE® Perry® Style 42® PF
UNSPSC Code 42132205
Glove Exterior Smooth
Color White
Sterility Sterile Pair
Cuff Style Beaded Cuff
Glove Length Extended Cuff Length
Material Latex
Manufacturer Ansell
Additional Information:

The Encore Perry Style 42 PF Latex Surgical Gloves are available in eight different sizes. These gloves are powder-free, latex, and beaded. They are designed for use in surgical procedures.


What is the difference between medical-grade nitrile gloves and nitrile gloves?

Medical-grade nitrile gloves offer more protection during surgeries and other exposure-heavy environments than regular nitrile gloves.

What's the difference between powdered and powder-free nitrile gloves?

Powdered gloves have cornstarch in them. Powder-free gloves (Encore Perry Style 42 PF) do not have cornstarch and tend to cause less skin irritation.

What are latex examination gloves used for?

Encore Perry Style 42 PF gloves protect against blood and fluid exposure. They are used in a variety of medical and non-medical situations.

Which is better, nitrile or latex?

Choosing between nitrile and Encore Perry Style 42 PF gloves comes down to the use of the glove, and whether or not the person has an allergy to latex. Each glove has its strengths and weaknesses.

Why are nitrile gloves blue?

Most of the time nitrile gloves are blue to help healthcare workers distinguish between latex (Encore Perry Style 42 PF) and non-latex gloves.

When should you not wear nitrile gloves?

Nitrile gloves do not protect against heat or electric shock and should not be worn when interacting with those elements.

Are nitrile gloves food safe?

Nitrile gloves are safe to use when dealing with food.

What are surgical gloves called?

Surgical gloves are sterile gloves used for surgical procedures. They meet FDA standards for quality levels (tend to have a lower AQL) and tend to be more expensive than non-sterile gloves.

What are class 0 gloves used for?

Class 0 gloves are used for providing hand protection when working near or with electrical equipment. Class 0 gloves protect against 1,000V AC and 1,500V DC.

Are nitrile gloves latex-free?

Nitrile gloves are latex-free and safe to use on patients who have latex allergies.

Why do they put powder in medical gloves?

The cornstarch in medical gloves helps absorb hand moisture.

Do hospitals still use powdered gloves?

Powdered gloves are not used in hospitals.