Dawn Mist Twin Blade Razor




Dukal Dawnmist Twin Blade Razors

Dawn Mist Twin Blade Razor by Dukal are standard disposable razors with a Microedge™ blade and lubricated strip. The economy disposable razors have clear plastic guards and are unisex. Twin Blade Razors can be used for individual patient care or by healthcare workers to prepare surgery sites.

Additional Information:

Looking for a twin blade razor that will give you a close, comfortable shave? Look no further than the Dawn Mist Twin Blade Razor. This razor comes with a dark blue handle and clear plastic guard, making it easy to see what you're doing while you shave. Plus, the twin blade design means that you'll get a close shave every time.


Are 2 blade razors better?

More blades on the razor help keep the skin taught, while simultaneously providing you with a smoother shave.

What is a twin blade razor?

Twin blade razors are designed with long handles to provide a close, comfortable shave.