Intuitive Surgical Da Vinci Sureform 45 Reload, 2.0 Gray 6-Row, 12/Case




45 mm reload for Intuitive SureForm Stapler.

SureForm is a new breed of stapler. At its core is SmartFire technology, which monitors tissue compression before and during firing. With more than 1000 measurements per second. SmartFire makes automatic adjustments to optimize the staple line and prevent tissue damage across a range of tissue thicknesses. A 120° cone of articulation gives you the freedom to approach tissue where it naturally lies, potentially reducing the need to pull it towards the stapler. When you choose SureForm staplers, you can reduce uncertainty and increase stapling performance like never before. SureForm staplers are available in 45 mm and 60 mm staple line lengths.

Product Features:

  • 6 rows of staples
  • New knife with every reload


    Quantity 12/Case
    Size 2 mm
    Staple Line Length 45 mm
    Usage For SureForm Staplers