Ballard Closed Suction Multi Access Port Catheter, 10 Fr Double Swivel Y Elbow


Suction Catheters


The BALLARD* Multi-Access Port (MAP) Closed Suction System features a compact rotating manifold that provides multiple ports to access the patient’s airway without jeopardizing integrity of the closed circuit. A closed circuit helps you protect your patient from cross-contamination and VAP. Clinicians can perform suctioning and other procedures such as bronchoalveolar lavage, bronchoscopy, or MDI drug delivery while maintaining a closed vent circuit as recommended to help prevent VAP.

Product Features:

  • Rotating manifold locks into place with a click for reassurance that circuit remains sealed
  • Catheter locks into separate port and stays connected and clean
  • Single-use seal cassette maintains PEEP during insertion of sampling catheter or other devices
  • Includes BALLARD* Turbo-Cleaning chamber for a cleaner catheter
  • Sleeve tether prevents over-retraction of catheter
  • Depth markings for easy and proper depth suctioning
  • PEEP seal helps reduce PEEP loss and inadvertent lavage


    Quantity 20/Case
    Application Closed Suction Catheter
    Length 23.1 inch
    Size 10 Fr
    Style Double Swivel Elbow
    Type Endotracheal
    Usage Disposable