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Medegen Cleansing Enema Sets

The Medegen Enema Set comes with everything you need to provide patients with a comfortable and safe procedure. Kits come with castile soap, inlet tubes, and an enema bucket.


Country of Origin China
Brand Gentle-L-Care™
UNSPSC Code 42141903
Manufacturer Medegen Medical Products LLC
Additional Information:

Looking for an enema set that will get the job done? Look no further than Medegen! Our enema sets come in two options to fit your needs. Option 1 comes with a 1500mL bag, while Option 2 comes with a bucket. Both options include everything you need for a successful enema.


What is an enema?

Enemas are procedures that empty your bowel by using fluids.

What is an enema set?

Enema sets contain all of the supplies needed to perform a successful enema at home or at the doctor’s office. They usually include a bag, tube, and cleansing solution.

How many enemas can you do in a day?

It is recommended that you do not do more than one enema a day.

What position is best for an enema?

Due to the anatomical position of the color, the left lateral position with the knees drawn is the best position for enemas.