Pro Advantage Bordered Island Gauze Dressings




Pro Advantage Bordered Island Gauze Dressings

An absorbent island dressing constructed with a heavy-duty absorbent pad and conformable, non-woven fabric adhesive backing. The porous structure of the Sontara® non-woven fabric ensures air and water vapor permeability. The fabric is stretchable, conforms well to body contours and allows body movements when in place. The adhesive has been designed to be gentle to the skin but at the same time provide secure fixation. The wound pad can absorb moderate amounts of wound fluids and the low-adherent surface reduces the risk of adherence to the wounds.

Additional Information:

Looking for an effective and reliable gauze dressing? Look no further than Pro Advantage Bordered Island Gauze Dressings. Made with a 2" x 2" pad, these dressings are perfect for protecting wounds.