Halyard Mouth Moisturizer


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Learn about Avanos Ballard Mouth Moisturizer

Halyard Mouth Moisturizer is designed to assist practitioners in providing refreshing oral care to patients. Halyard Mouth Moisturizer 12262 can be used with Halyard swabs on the lips and the mouth.

Additional Information:

Looking for a way to keep your mouth moist and comfortable? Check out Halyard Mouth Moisturizer. This mouth moisturizer comes in a .35 oz size and is perfect for keeping your mouth hydrated.


What does mouth moisturizer do?

Halyard Mouth Moisturizer hydrates the lips and mouth to make it easier to eat, speak, and heal sores.

What is Halyard mouth moisturizer for?

Halyard mouth moisturizer 12262 is used for providing temporary relief from sore throats and mouths.

What is dry mouth a symptom of?

Dry mouth can be a sign of diabetes, yeast infections, Alzheimer’s, and more.

Will dry mouth go away?

There’s no telling how long dry mouth will last – it can be a few days or it can be longer (depends on what’s causing it).