Cardinal Health Argyle Penrose Drainage Tubing




Cardinal Health Argyle Penrose Tubing

Cardinal Health Argyle Penrose Drainage Tubing is used to wick fluid from abdominal surgical sites. Flat drain is sterile, latex, and radiopaque. Available in multiple sizes and widths.

Additional Information:

Looking for a drainage tubing that is both sterile and latex-free? Look no further than Cardinal Health's Argyle Penrose Drainage Tubing! This tubing is available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, and is perfect for use in medical settings.


Is a Penrose drain open or closed?

Penrose drains are open, passive drains.

How long does Penrose drainage tubing stay in?

Penrose drainage tubing usually stays in for 24-48 hours.

What is a Penrose Drain used for?

Penrose drainage tubing helps blood and other fluids leave the surgery site.

How often should surgical drains be emptied?

Even if they aren’t full, surgical drains should be emptied at least two times a day.

Does it hurt to remove a Penrose drain?

Most times, Penrose drainage tubing removal does not hurt. If anything, it may feel weird having a tube slide out of your body.