HTL Strefa Acti Lance Safety Lancet


Blood Tests


HTL Strefa Acti Lance Safety Lancet

Put safety and comfort first with Acti-Lance Safety Lancet. Features include: (1) Intuitive two step operation and push button activation "T" grip for familiar, syringe like experience; (2) Improve patient comfort with silicone coated needles and low firing force; (3) Increase safety using a double spring mechanism to ensure high puncture speed and complete retraction; (4) Self-destructive mechanism prevents possibility of reuse; (5) Gamma sterilized with a twist-and-pull tab for reliable, secure sterilization protection. Each unit is single use, with different color-coded versions to provide correct needle exposure length and adequate blood flow.

Additional Information:

The HTL Strefa Acti Lance Safety Lancet is a medical device that is used for puncturing the skin. It is available in three different options, each with a different needle size and depth. The lancet is made with a safety mechanism to prevent accidental punctures.