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Why Does bttn Provide an Advantage for Your RFP?

At bttn we understand that supplying PPE to public entities comes with an immense responsibility to source highest-quality, American-made equipment at low prices that help states, cities, and municipalities save money on their request for proposals and serve the organizations they are responsible for in a timely manner.  To service this necessity bttn employs a team of public sector bid specialists who work with the varying public sector bid requirements to respond to all public sector Requests for Proposals. In doing so we are proud to enable public entities to leverage the technology, transparent prices, and automated PPE ordering process bttn offers in order to streamline PPE purchasing and save time and money. 

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How to Save Money & Time with Our RFP Strategy

When you use bttn. to fulfill your PPE Request for Proposal you are partnering with an organization that has your busy schedule, bottom line, and peace of mind spearheading its strategy. The bttn. marketplace leverages an innovative technology-first approach to automate the PPE ordering process and bring transparency to PPE prices. Through our online procurement process we are able to provide public entities with private PPE prices in non-exclusive contracts so you can make sure you’re paying the best available price for your equipment. Moreover, our automated purchasing process allows you to build a PPE cart and have that cart shipped to your organization on a recurring basis so you don’t have to worry about scheduling PPE orders.

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PPE & Supply Shipping with bttn.

bttn. is ecstatic to bring innovation to the PPE shipping industry, all with the goal of cutting your costs and making your job easier. At bttn. we realize that public sector RFPs typically entail shipping to more than a single location. With that in mind, instead of shipping your entire order to a single location and leaving the final distribution efforts to you, we will organize your order to ship to each location you are buying supplies for so that every location in your organization receives exactly what they need, with no effort needed on your end. Our shipping methods even allow us to deliver to individual buildings on a campus or headquarters, if that is preferable. Additionally, we offer free shipping on every purchase, regardless of order size and number of shipping locations in an RFP.

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If you have any questions about the bttn. advantage or any component of our process please reach out to the bttn. sales team today and we will be happy to answer any questions, or provide public sector PPE bid advisory. At bttn. we are constantly expanding our product offerings and high-quality vendor relationships. If there is a product you’re interested in procuring through bttn. but you don’t see it on our online PPE store today, please let us know and we will work to fulfill your request. 

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