Healthcare is expensive. Bttn. is doing our part to reduce the cost.

$230+ Billion In Medical Supply Spending Across The United States Each Year

The rising cost and inaccessibility of healthcare for millions of Americans is one of the most critical issues facing our nation today. The United States healthcare system is among the largest economies in the world. For every American, any form of medical treatment - from doctor’s visits, to prescriptions, to scans- is outlandishly expensive. This is driven in part because healthcare supplies are too expensive for providers.

Large hospitals spend between $3-20 Million per hospital on medical supplies each year. Put those numbers on a national scale and that equates to over $230+ Billion in medical supply spending across the United States each year for hospitals alone. The COVID-19 pandemic caused one of the largest demand increases for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies in history, it also highlighted the existing inefficiencies in the medical supply market.

Lives Were In The Hands Of A Failed Medical Supply Chain

When we saw that critical front line workers were being put at risk due to not having access to essential PPE, our team decided to take action. Over the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, our company supplied over 60M units of high quality PPE to heroes on the frontline.

Knowing that there were shortages and a disturbing amount of fraud impacting supplies, we built a technology platform to source, verify, and distribute PPE to millions of frontline workers across the country, hoping to alleviate supply shortages. By becoming deeply integrated across the supply chain, we soon had a unique perspective on what changes needed to be made to protect against future shortages and create a more equitable supply chain.

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bttn. was born.

With our experience working for leading tech companies, our team knew that injecting world class technology and a data empowered platform would ensure success for hospitals and supply chains of the future. 

The team talked with hundreds of hospitals, doctors offices, dentists and other healthcare procurement teams each week, and it became clear that while each had a different experience with supply shortages, common concerns started to emerge:


Large hospitals and healthcare systems were caught in cash flow squeezes and had to face the reality that they were weeks away from bankruptcy during the height of the pandemic.

They needed to deploy large amounts of capital due to the increase in pricing for medical supply and PPE and focus on how to never be caught in that position ever again. Doctor’s offices were pushed out of main supply sources and had to overpay due to the size of their organization. When they couldn’t even receive products from a local supplier, they turned to channels like Amazon and paid full retail prices for medical supplies.


Group Purchasing Organizations had a stranglehold on medical supply purchasing. COVID-19 had forced years worth of innovation to the front of healthcare leaders' minds, making now the perfect time to reduce cost and improve access.

Large organizations were trapped in exclusive contracts and were facing penalties and fees as they tried accessing supplies that the GPO’s no longer had access to.

Doctors offices couldn’t meet the organizational size requirements while access to a previously reliable source was blocked from wholesale benefits - leaving them out to fend for themselves.


Current providers have built no technology to automate or support healthcare providers. Innovation has dragged, and bureaucracy has ruled the industry.

Ultimately, the large medical supply corporations unfairly control the costs as well as the supply while feeling no pressure to innovate for efficiency and savings.

At bttn. we believe the solution to getting those the supplies they need at the lowest cost possible is only possible through technological innovation. We strive to create and implement new technologies into our process each and every day.

The bttn. founders set out to build systems that automated and secured supply channels for healthcare providers.

The bttn. founders have tapped into their network of technologist and healthcare experts to build data engines to ingest macroeconomic data, medical supply pricing trends, and buyer habits to predict trends in the medical supply market. The team has worked hard to discover what happens when the power of data is used to benefit buyers. This is allowing customers to optimize their spending and prevent shortages in the future when anomalies in the market occurred. bttn. is bringing long needed transparency to the medical supply purchasing market by-using data from hospitals and doctors office’s to provide benchmarking amongst cohorts to help customers make higher quality decisions.

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