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Our online procurement platform offers an e-commerce shopping experience with three things in mind - quick, simple, wholesale. bttn. understands that individual practice buyers don’t have massive procurement teams to vet the suppliers and search the market for products. We do the  work for you. With our procurement platform, buyers can schedule orders based on demand, track shipments, receive product updates and talk with our team of industry experts to ensure you’re getting what you need.

bttn. democratizes pricing on the world's most vital supplies.

The bttn. team worked during the pandemic to supply millions of units of PPE and medical supply across the United States. Our team witnessed physicians, dentists and nursing homes shut out from supply channels and burned by the black medical supply/PPE market. In response, the bttn. team formulated long-term solutions to ensure success for medical supply. 

Medical supply is expensive - this is understood intimately by physicians, dentists and nursing homes who care about managing their practice’s bottom line. By leveraging the relationships with the best manufacturers and suppliers around the world, we gave doctor offices access to high quality medical supply at the lowest wholesale price.

We share pricing trends to inform your online purchasing

We want our buyers to purchase with purpose and confidence. Our procurement platform is backed by pricing data from market trends, price fluctuation and data on thousands of transactions so you can stay in the know when purchasing through bttn. We send our data discoveries to your inbox so you can stay informed to the ever-changing market. As a buyer on bttn., we want you to know that you are receiving the best price on the highest quality supply. 

By clicking the bttn. below, you can browse through hundreds of wholesale medical supply products. The prices are listed so you know exactly what you're paying - there’s no back and forth with a supplier, and no paying premiums for other online retailers. Saving your organization money has never been easier and it’s all at the click of a bttn.!

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