Fixing a Broken Medical Supply Market

    The medical supply market is broken. We built bttn to be the future of medical supply. Our solutions address our customers' most common pain points as they search the supply chain for their favorite products.

The bttn solutions.

Guaranteed supplies & no backorders

Providers no longer want to be limited on specific supplies due to allocations and backorders. Providers are spending valuable time sifting through outdated catalogs to find out that the product isn't available. We lean on a network of suppliers, so we search for you. Plus, we offer real-time catalog updates, so our buyers know what is available.

Reinventing the procurement process

While e-commerce is prevalent across many industries from restaurants to construction, true E-Commerce does not exist for healthcare. Buyers are tied to proprietary EDI systems that require them to match EDI numbers from a product catalog to purchase products. The bttn system revolutionizes this archaic ordering process to a familiar e-commerce interface with digital ordering baked in at every step. This approach is far more accessible.


Another frustration we hear expressed by customers is the lack of price discovery. In what other industry is the price determined after the sale? Our platform provides order tracking, data insights, and price transparency at every step of the buying process. Please compare our prices! So the costs don't hide behind a contract or log in—Paramount to what customers are demanding.

Automate your ordering

We partner with fabric, a leader in headless e-commerce solutions, to build a modern customer experience. This includes the option to subscribe to the most common purchases, set a delivery schedule, and automatically order on a convenient schedule. We are creating a uniform action for automating ordering across all different kinds of providers. We are streamlining the process to pass the savings to the customers. We want medical supplies to show up when they need them, consistently so they can subscribe and save to

Advanced payment options

Credit cards are incredibly convenient, but e-commerce suppliers have to offer multiple payment options as most companies need more structure and tracking ability than credit card payments provide. A true e-commerce platform with built-in PO & Invoicing capabilities with Net 30/60 terms available for all customers. bttn is already differentiating itself against classic e-commerce suppliers to make sure we cater to how businesses purchase medical supplies.

Free shipping & logistics coordination

The usual GPO's are not built for the next level of healthcare. Customers are used to a certain standardization when it comes to e-commerce shopping. We make sure the Free Shipping and Logistics coordination is baked into our costs. We want our customers to get their medical supplies within 7-14 days. We ensure products are sent where you need them, even across multiple locations, and the shipping is always free.