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Purchase surgical or isolation gowns from the bttn. marketplace today and save money on your PPE. We are happy to offer medical professionals, medical facilities, and small practices quick and easy access to PPE isolation gowns at wholesale pricing. Our isolation gown supply is meant to provide fluid and microorganism protection in a plethora of medical and non-medical practices; from invasive and surgical procedures to dentist offices or senior living facilities we have you covered.

Our array of isolation gowns for sale includes level 1, level 2, level 3, and level 4 isolation gowns, as well as protective coveralls for maximum protection against hazardous particles. Shop now to take advantage of the free delivery and wholesale pricing discounts available on the bttn marketplace for isolation gowns and a multitude of other personal protective equipment.

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What are Isolation Gowns?

Regardless of the level of protection of an isolation gown, all gowns are made to protect against contagious particles or droplets, as well as hazardous solids and liquids. Isolation gowns typically fully cover the arms, torso, and will partially cover the legs unless that is a protective coverall which will fully cover the head and legs as well. Isolation gowns are used in many different situations, however we primarily see them being used by hospitals, medical practices, frontline workers such as nurses. We also see them in other fields where protection from infectious material may be necessary such as senior living facilities or blood donation clinics. 

What are Isolation Gown Levels?

Isolation gown levels refer to the level of protection that an isolation gown provides. This protection level is largely dictated by the material or fabric that the isolation gown is made of and how much coverage the isolation gown provides a caregiver, including how neck and waist cuffs are sealed. For more detailed information on the protective levels of isolation gowns please check out the FDA website

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