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The Benefits of bttn Healthcare Supply Subscription Services

Subscription services have become increasingly popular in the purchasing & eCommerce environment. Companies across a multitude of industries have implemented a subscription-based component into their service offerings. The rapid expansion in subscription-based services has grown in popularity and is here to stay for one primary reason; it puts the customer first. For example with subscriptions services, our customers can expect consistency in products purchased allowing them to count on high-quality products in every shipment. Additionally, the ability to schedule future supply shipments acts as a logistical planning tool and allows for streamlined purchasing. This saves buyers time and money and eliminates the need to order new supplies each month. Lastly, bttn sends a tracking number with every subscription processed providing transparency and clarity. 

Why Use bttn Subscriptions?

The healthcare supply industry whether it be PPE, medical supply, or surgical supply is one of the most essential purchasing channels in the world. It, therefore, requires the benefits of modern purchasing practices like a subscription. This is why bttn Is making subscriptions a top priority and standard service for every product that we offer.  We envision a world where buyers don’t have to worry about procuring their essential supplies each and every month, but instead can do the work that is important to them, confident in knowing that the supplies that support their business will be there each month. When you utilize bttn’s subscription service you instantly capitalize on all of the efficiencies that subscriptions offer as well as transparent wholesale pricing on all of our PPE, medical, and surgical supply.

How Does it Work?

Healthcare supply subscriptions at bttn require no membership fees, no contracts, and no minimum purchase. When you find the product to which you’d like to subscribe simply select the “Subscribe & Deliver” option and then choose between receiving your delivery every 30, 60, or 90 days. Once subscribed, our supply procurement team will source and ship your order each month,  arriving at the delivery cadence you’ve selected. You will be notified every time your order has shipped and provided with tracking information so that you can follow your order to your doorstep.

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How to Sign Up

Getting started on bttn subscription services is quick and easy. Simply create an account, shop, and choose the products you’d like to subscribe to. If you have any questions about how this works, (what this means for your business,  payment options, shipping times, etc.) please reach out to our sales team today and we will quickly be in touch to answer your questions. Join the movement that organizations of all shapes and sizes across the country have already capitalized on, and don’t waste another month spending time and money on healthcare supply procurement. Change the way you purchase healthcare supplies today!

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