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Different Types of Face Masks

All face masks are made for the same general purpose; to protect your mouth and nose from ingesting harmful substances, and to protect others from ingesting any harmful materials you may be exhaling. However, the effectiveness of these masks vary depending on the construction of them. The three primary types of PPE face masks are KN95, 3-Ply, and Non-Medical face masks.

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N95 Face Masks:

N95 face masks get their name because they filter 95% of aerosol particles. The respirator component of N95 masks are always made of synthetic materials, however, only fully disposable masks are made entirely of synthetic materials- there are N95 face masks inserts that can be used in reusable masks. N95’s are typically the tightest fitting as they are made to be 95% effective. While all N95 masks will protect you and others from harmful aerosol particulates such as germs, look to FDA or NIOSH certified face masks to ensure the highest efficiency rating.

3-ply surgical face mask

Surgical Face Masks:

3-ply surgical masks reference the 3 layers of material that are built in to enhance protection against fluid and large particle droplets. Surgical masks regardless of their ply count are intended for medical use and commonly seen throughout medical practices. 3-ply surgical masks protect well against fluid splashes or larger droplet particulates, however they are not as effective in protecting against aerosols as N95 masks are. This is largely due to their looser fit, which comes with the benefit of more breathability and general comfort.

kn95 face mask respiratorNon-Medical Face Masks:

Non medical fask mask can be made out of disposable or reusable materials and are meant to be used by the general public, not in the medical field. We have seen a large increase in the use of these masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Non-medical facemasks are significantly more effective than not wearing a mask as they do protect against harmful particulates from both entering and leaving your mouth and nose area at some level, however are technically the least effective.

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