bttn is a healthtech medical supplier powered by big data pricing insights

Medical supply is expensive, bttn is doing our part to reduce it. We provide data insights on medical supply pricing, trends, liquidations, and shortages. When the market fluctuates, the savings are passed along to the end buyer. 

The current medical supply market is overpowered by price gouging, inflation and markups- often hiding in plain sight. Hospitals are left in the dark as they purchase millions worth of medical supply each year.

bttn is dedicated to protecting your cash flows, no matter what the market hands you

Predictive analytics inform hospitals of market trends before they happen, ensuring no hospital is stuck in a cash flow squeeze. By using big data engines to build robust data visualizations, bttn. uses thousands of market transactions to inform our data models on medical supply pricing, trends, liquidations, and shortages. We are sending Hospital CFOs and procurement teams these data insights so they can purchase smarter.

When the market fluctuates, we protect our buyers. Our insights help your purchasing patterns automatically stabilize to ensure a consistent supply.

Buyers remorse doesn’t exist at bttn

When buying with bttn we want you to know the reason for the price, not just the final quote. We’ll send data visualizations to your inbox or publish it directly on our website so you stay informed.

When hospitals are informed, they can make the right decision, and exert control within the market.

bttn wants you to keep the buying power so we can reduce healthcare costs, for all.