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Why Air Purifiers?

Protect yourself or your patients from harmful airborne particles such as dust, pollen, viruses, or bacteria with the stock of air purifiers for sale through the bttn. ecommerce PPE marketplace . Our air purifiers service a variety of needs. The Jade Air Purification system can protect against harmful dust pollen and a variety of harmful chemicals that can be found in everyday households and offices with its multi-stage air purifying technology. For those looking to protect themselves while maintaining the flexibility of moving between rooms consider the American PAPR Felix 200 portable air purifier that is NIOSH/CDC certified. This portable air purifier for sale straps right to your back waist line and utilizes a loose fitting facepiece for added comfort and protection, and also comes with a 12-hour battery pack. For these air purifiers available for sale and many more please shop our air purifiers now. If you have any questions or can’t find the air purifier brand you’re looking for please contact the bttn. sales team today. 

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What are Air Purifiers?

Air purifiers are used in a variety of medical and non-medical fields, as well as for personal or at home use. At a high-level air purifiers are meant to filter our dangerous pollutants and particles from the air we breathe to help protect against exposure to dust, pollen, chemicals, germs and more. Which air purifier is right for your needs depends on a variety of factors such as room size, air filtration level requirements, and cost. 

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

The basic process for any air purifier is to pull air in through a vent or inlet, force the air through a single air filter or multi-step air purifying system, and then push clean air out with minimal harmful pollutants or particles. The effectiveness of an air purifier depends on factors such as filtering technology, air purifier filter maintenance, and environment. 

Filtering technology is constantly advancing as seen most commonly in air purifiers which use a multi-step filtration process that pushes the air through materials such as carbon filters, HEPA filters, germicide bulbs and other purifying technologies. Most commonly, we see single filtration systems that force air through materials like a fine mesh HEPA filter or carbon filter to catch harmful particles. These are seen in a variety of industries and uses like hospitals, manufacturing plants, air planes, cars, and homes. 

How frequently you should change your air purifier’s filter should be advised by the manufacturer of your air purifier, however this will impact the performance of your air purifier and its capability to grab harmful particles and they’re moved through the system. Environment also plays a major role in the practical effectiveness of your air purifying system. A simple use case example is if you are trying to filter smoke from a wildfire that has entered your home, the air purifier will be much more effective in cleaning the air in your home if your windows and doors are closed. 

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How to Buy Air Purifiers from bttn.

Regardless of your air purifier or other PPE needs, the bttn. marketplace is here to help you find the PPE and medical equipment you need on an on-going basis and at a price you’ll love. If you have any questions about bttn.and how our process works please read more about our work in leveraging big data insights to cut PPE costs, online PPE procurement, and public sector PPE bid advisory. If you can’t find the information or product you’re looking for contact our PPE sales team today and we’ll gladly assist. 

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