Our Story

The medical supply marketplace is broken. The system is old, antiquated, and opaque. The lack of transparency and innovation adds to the already sky-high cost of healthcare. We built bttn to support underserved customers.


Today, there are too few options available to practitioners buying medical supplies. Prices are high and options are few. The ordering process is outdated - the default methods are fax and manual ordering. There is a lack of digital payment options, limited e-commerce channels, and no order automation for customers. The bulk minimum orders exclude all but the largest players from participating in true cost savings.


We built bttn to address these and other challenges and to serve unsupported, forgotten customers. bttn is a B2B e-commerce marketplace for medical supply procurement. We built a technology-first, customer-centric platform to enable medical providers of all sizes to procure supplies cost-effectively, predictably, and efficiently.