Medtronic LigaSure Impact Open Instrument




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The LigaSure Impact™ instrument, working exclusively with the ForceTriad™ energy platform, combines TissueFect™ sensing technology with hand activation and an integrated cutting mechanism to create a multifunctional vessel sealing system that provides consistent, controlled tissue effect. Designed for use in open procedures. Procedural applications for this device include: urology, colorectal, general surgery & gynecology. The LigaSure Impact™ instrument is valued for its large, curved jaws, 18 cm shaft length and LigaSure™ vessel sealing technology, which provides consistent sealing and fast transection of tissue.

Additional Information:

The Medtronic LigaSure Impact Open Instrument is a tissue fusion instrument designed for open procedures. It features a large jaw for increased versatility and is ideal for use in a variety of medical procedures.