BD EZ Surgical Scrub Brushes




Learn About BD E-Z Scrub 107 Surgical Scrub Brush/Sponge, 4% CHG, Red

Single-packaged preoperative surgical scrub brushes impregnated with antimicrobial formulations (CHG, PCMX, and PVP-I). Soft bristles enhance mechanical, while simultaneously reducing skin irritation. Ergonomic design improves compliance and increases effectiveness of the surgical scrub brush.

BD E-Z Scrub 107 Surgical Scrub Brush/Sponge, 4% CHG, Red Features:

  • BD E-Z Scrub 107 preoperative surgical scrub brushes are ergonomically designed to provide increased comfort to physicians.
  • The single-packaged surgical scrub brushes are impregnated with antimicrobial formulations to reduce skin irritation and increase the effectiveness of preoperative care.
  • The soft polyethylene bristles enhance the mechanical action needed to scrub arms and hands, while simultaneously reducing skin irritation.


Quantity 30/Box or 300/Case
Application Impregnated Scrub Brush
Bristle Material Polyethylene Bristles/ Sponge
Color Red
Impregnated Ingredients Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG)
Strength 4%
Additional Information:

The BD EZ Surgical Scrub Brushes are available in five different options, each with a different active ingredient. Option 1 comes with a stainless steel dispenser rack, option 2 has 1% povidone iodine, option 3 has 3% PCMX, option 4 has 4% CHG, and option 5 has no detergent. The color code for each option is as follows: option 1 is brown, option 2 is blue, option 3 is red, option 4 is green, and option 5 is no color.


Bd E-Z Scrub 107 Surgical Scrub Brush/Sponge Faqs FAQs

Are BD E-Z Scrub brushes sterile?

Yes, BD EZ Scrub brushes are sterile scrub brushes for preoperative care to clean nails and hands.

How do you use a BD E-Z Scrub 107?

Start by using warm water to wet your hands up to your elbows. Then, use a nail cleaner and apply the scrub solution from the sponge side of the BD EZ. Scrub nails and hands for roughly 3 minutes with the brush side. Rinse off the solution with warm water. Repeat the scrub again and rinse off arms thoroughly. Finish by drying off hands and arms.

How many times can I use a BD E-Z Scrub 107?

BD EZ Scrub 107 brushes are good for one single use. After, they are meant to be discarded.

Is there an optimal temperate to store BD E-Z Scrub 107 brushes?

As long as the surgical scrub brushes are not exposed to excessive heat (104 F) then they are good to be used. Should they be exposed to temperatures over 104 F, then discard them as the ingredients will be altered and no longer as effective.

What are the active ingredients in a BD E-Z Scrub 107?

The active ingredient in the surgical scrub brush is chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG).

What brush do surgeons use?

The brush surgeons use will depend on what they are going to be doing. For example, before surgery, a surgical scrub brush with CHG will be used to clean hands and nails of any contaminants.

What is a BD E-Z Scrub 107 used for?

A BD EZ Scrub 107 is used as a preoperative scrub brush to disinfect the arms and hands of healthcare personnel. They should not come in contact with ears, faces, eyes, faces, or heads.