3M Aura Industrial Respirator Mask 9322+ With Valve


Face Masks


The 3M™ Aura™ 9322+ Respirator provides comfort and style without compromising performance. With the aid of 3M's innovative new low breathing resistance filter technology, you can breathe through your respirator with less effort. The 3M™ Aura™ 9322+ also features an embossed top panel that helps reduce the fogging of eyewear from warm, moist exhaled air. Protects against dusts and mists found in a wide variety of industrial applications and other work situations requiring FFP2 protection.

Product Features:

  • Industrial Respirator Mask with low breathing resistance filter technology: Gives effective filter performance whilst lowering resistance to breathing, Improved breathing ease and comfort
  • 3-panel design and Innovative chin tab,Helps achieve a comfortable fit
  • 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve
  • Sculpted upper panel conforms to the nose and contours of the face for an effective seal


    Quantity 10/Pack
    Size Universal
    Color White
    Protection Level AFP 10
      Additional Information:

      The 3M Aura Industrial Respirator Mask 9322+ With Valve is a high-quality respirator mask that provides protection against dust, fumes, and other airborne particles. This mask is comfortable to wear and has a valve that makes it easy to breathe.