MediVena ONE-CARE Insulin Pen Needles




Learn about Medivena One Care Pen Needles

The ​​MediVena ONE-CARE Insulin Pen Needles offer extra-thin wall technology for smooth insulin flow with fast and virtually pain-free injection. ONE-CARE Insulin Pen Needles are precisely grounded with a three-bevel tip, electro-polished, and coated with medical grade lubricant to minimize injection force and improve patient comfort to encourage glucose testing and insulin delivery for compliance with diabetes management recommendations. The ergonomic design with ribbed housing ensures a comfortable grip for secure attachment onto the pen injector.

Additional Information:

Looking for an insulin pen needle that is comfortable and easy to use for you insulin injections? Look no further than MediVena ONE-CARE insulin pen needles. Our compact insulin pens can be carried around with you for whenever you need your insulin shot.


What are pen needles used for?

Pen needles are used with pen injector devices to inject insulin; commonly used by people with diabetes.

Can I buy pen needles over the counter?

Not all states require a doctor’s prescription to purchase insulin pen needles. However, a prescription is needed to get insurance coverage on the purchase.

Are pen needles and syringes the same thing?

Pen needles and syringes are not the same things. Syringes require more care and upkeep than pen needles. But, they also tend to be more affordable than insulin pens. In addition, syringes can mix insulin (or any medication) in a single injection, rather than administering two different injections.

What is the standard insulin needle size?

The standard insulin needle size is ½ an inch long.

How often to change insulin pen needle?

It’s recommended that you change your needle after each injection or at least once a day to uphold standard cleanliness markers.

What size needles do diabetics use?

Most insulin pen needles that diabetics use are between 4 and 12 mm.

How much do insulin pens cost?

  • The price of insulin pens varies on the brand and the type of insulin (rapid-acting, long-acting, short-acting, or mixed).
  • Humalog 50/50 vial (10 mL; 100 iU/mL) – $393.00 per vial
  • Humulin R vial (20 mL; 500 iU/mL) – $1,837.62 per vial
  • Insulin lispro junior KwikPen (3 mL; 100 iU/mL) – $338.16 per carton of 5 pens