PlastCare Air Water Syringe Tips, Clear


Air Water Syringe Tips


Air Water Syringe Tips (Clear) (250/Bag) (Case of 48 Bags)

Additional Information:

Looking for a way to make dental procedures more efficient and less messy? Check out our PlastCare Air Water Syringe Tips! Made of durable plastic, these tips are clear so you can easily see what you're doing. They fit most standard air/water syringes and can be autoclaved for easy sterilization.


PlastCare Air Water Syringe Tips, Clear FAQs

What is a dental air/water syringe?

PlastCare Air Water Syringe Tips, Clear are part of air water syringes, which are dental devices that supply compressed air and water to irrigate and dry teeth during dental procedures.

Can air/water syringe tips be sterilized?

Yes, multi-use air/water syringe tips can be sterilized. However, a study from 2014 found that the rinsing process is not as effective as using a disposable, clean air/water syringe tip. PlastCare Air Water Syringe Tips, Clear are a great addition to your dental practice.

What are dental air water syringe tips?

PlastCare Air Water Syringe Tips, Clear are attachments for dental tools that enable water and air to be sprayed into patients’ mouths during dental procedures.

What is a 3-way syringe?

Three-way dental syringes allow fluid (water or other chemicals), compressed air, and a mix of both the fluid and air to flow through the syringe passages in a controlled manner. If looking for a 3 way air water syringe, make sure PlastCare Air Water Syringe Tips, Clear is one before you purchase!

How do you use a dental irrigation syringe?

  • 3 - 5 days after your oral procedure, depending on the specific instructions from your dentist, begin using the irrigation syringe after meals.
  • Start by filling the syringe with lukewarm water or salt water (8 oz H20 mixed with ¼ teaspoon of table salt).
  • Place the curved part of the PlastCare Air Water Syringe Tips, Clear into the extraction site and push gently on the syringe plunger.
  • Repeat the process as needed over the next 7 days or as instructed.

Is there a difference between metal and disposable dental syringe tips?

Metal air/water syringe tips vs disposable dental syringe tips serve the same purpose but differ in ease of use and effectiveness of cross-contamination . Disposable syringe tips are easier to use because they can be tossed after each patient, while metal syringes need to be sterilized and cleaned. PlastCare Air Water Syringe Tips, Clear is a great option whether it’s metal or disposable.