HVE Evacuation Dental Suction Tips, Vented, White


Evacautaion Tips


HVE Evacuation Dental Suction Tips, Vented, White are 100% latex-free dental HVE suction tips and have a vented straight handle that provides increased control. Fits all standard 11mm suction holders. Smooth edges which reduces the risk of lacerating oral tissue on patients. Can also be used to retract cheeks and tongues.

Additional Information:

Looking for a top-quality dental suction tip? Look no further than our HVE Evacuation Dental Suction Tips! These tips are made of durable white plastic and feature a vented design to allow for optimal suction.


What is dental HVE?

High-volume evacuators (HVE) are suction devices used to draw large volumes of air over a period of time.

What does HVE stand for in dentistry?

HVE stands for high-volume excavator. It is a dental suction device that draws in air.

What is the purpose of high volume evacuator tip?

HVE tips provide additional protection for patients and dental practitioners from aerosol spread – reducing the risk of contamination.