Defender Safety PPE Face Shield, Lightweight, Transparent, with Elastic Band, and Anti-Fog Lens


Face Shields


Double-sided anti fog that ensures unclouded vision. Sponge foam on top of Face Shield for improved comfort. Shield made of transparent recyclable and waterproof PET (Polyethylene) which effectively isolates saliva and protects your whole face from spray, splatter, droplets, dust, oil and smoke and so on. Elastic band that stretches to adjust to various head shapes and improve comfort during wearing time. 180 Degree isolation, effectively preventing dust and any other unidentified material from outside. Lightweight and portable making it comfortable for long usage.

Brand Defender Safety
Quantity Case of 200 shields (10 shields/pack; 20 packs/case)
Color Blue
Material PET + Sponge + Nylon webbing
Dimensions 14 in x 13 in
Thickness .60 in
Additional Information:

The Defender Safety PPE Face Shield is a lightweight, transparent face shield with an elastic band and anti-fog lens. It is designed to protect your face from droplets, splashes, and other airborne contaminants.