Alba Xx Span Tubular Dressing Retainers


Compression Bandages & Wraps


Alba Xx Span Tubular Dressing Retainers

Excellent for use on those parts that are difficult to secure with tape. Single color coded system for quick identification of appropriate sizes both on the dressing and the box. Designed especially for patients who are sensitive and allergic to tape. Provides a softer more comfortable feel. Offers a greater fabric stretch for optimum fit. Remarkable reduction in lint. Available in rolls for the entire body.

Additional Information:

The Alba Xx Span Tubular Dressing Retainer is a medical device that is used to secure dressings on fingers, toes, hands, ankles, wrists, and other body parts. It is available in nine different sizes to accommodate different body parts and sizes. The device is made of a stretchable material that is easy to put on and take off.