Integra Lifesciences Dufore Bandaging System


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Integra Lifesciences Dufore Bandaging System

This system is designed to sustain effective levels of graduated compression for up to 7 days. The first layer, an absorptive padding layer, provides padding for bony prominences, distributes compression evenly over the leg and absorbs exudate. The second layer provides short-stretch compression by resisting expansion of the calf muscle during limb movement. It works with the third and fourth layers elastic compression bandages to effectively minimize edema and increase venous return. A wound contact dressing is included with the system to help maintain a moist wound healing environment and to protect the wound from lint or outside contaminants. Does not contain natural rubber latex.

Additional Information:

The Integra Lifesciences Dufore Bandaging System is a four-layer bandaging system that is latex free. This bandaging system is designed to provide support and compression for wounds. The four layers of the bandage include a non-adherent layer, an absorbent layer, a support layer, and a compression layer.