Halyard Kc200 Surgical & Procedure Masks


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Halyard Kc200 Surgical & Procedure Masks

Designed to resist moderate fluid strike-through. Available as either surgical masks with ties or procedure masks with earloops. If the fluid risk involves potential splash and splatter, both the surgical and the procedure mask styles are also available in a wraparound visor version for added protection.

Additional Information:

Halyard KC200 surgical and procedure masks are available in four different options to suit your needs. Option 1 is a procedure mask with earloop in blue color. Option 2 is a procedure mask with wraparound visor and fog-free feature in blue color. Option 3 is a surgical mask in blue color with fog-free feature and tie. Option 4 is a surgical mask with wraparound visor, fog-free feature, and tie in blue color.