Cardinal Health Filac 3000 Thermometer Probe, Rectal


Patient Monitoring/Vital Signs


Learn About Cardinal Health Filac 3000 Thermometer Probe, Rectal

Accuracy: direct mode 0.1°C; standard prediction mode 0.1°C; quick prediction mode (oral only) 0.3°C. Rapid response time: standard mode 6-10 second oral; 10-15 second axillary/rectal; quick mode 3-4 second oral; 10-15 second axillary /rectal. No assembly required, intuitive icons, and progress bar allows for ease of use. Temperature measurement status indication. Intuitive, contributes to ease of use. Alternates celsius/fahrenheit scale to customize temperature read outs to follow facility protocol. A "beep" allows facility to recognize that the temperature is completed. Color coded isolation chambers with matching probes helps keep probe covers and probes together for aiding in infection control. Auto on turns on when the probe is withdrawn from probe well. Auto off conserves battery life. Allows history of patients last temperature. Convenient for pulse monitoring. Lower preheat temperature option. Provides quicker accurate readings for post OR patients: 12-15 seconds oral; 15-20 seconds axillary/rectal. Electronic anti theft and locking base protects investment. Deters casual theft by disabling the thermometer after a preset number of temperatures have been taken. Easy to read with black light.