BD Vacutainer Plus Plastic Serum Blood Collection Tubes 2.7ml


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What color is a blood serum tube?

Serum tests are usually in red tubes, with varying tube closure colors to differentiate between the additives in the blood collection tubes.

What are BD Vacutainer tubes used for?

A BD Vacutainer is used for the transport and testing of serum or plasma in clinical laboratories.

Are BD Vacutainers reusable?

No, since BD Vacutainers transport a bodily fluid and are used in testing scenarios, they cannot be used more than once.

What are BD Vacutainer Plus Serum Tubes coated with?

Most serum tube walls have a silicone coating lining the walls of the tubes to ensure red blood cells don't stick to them.

What is the purple blood tube called?

Purple top blood tubes, also called K2 EDTA, get their name from the K2EDTA on the inner wall of the tube.

Why is there a shortage on blood tubes?

As with most industries, there are supply chain issues causing the shortage of blood tubes.

What is in the purple blood tube?

Purple tube tops are used to test blood for infectious diseases and to determine one's blood type.

What tests are commonly performed with a purple top tube?

Common blood tests performed with purple top tubes are HIV, West Nile Virus, H7H, Retic, and CMV.