BD Vacutainer No Additive (Z) Plus Blood Collection Tube, 13 x 100 mm, 6 mL, 100/Case


Blood Tubes


The BD Vacutainer No Additive (Z) Plus Tube is a sterile multipurpose specimen collection tube that may be used either as a discard tube or a secondary tube. Transport and collect blood with the plastic BD Vacutainer No Additive Plus Blood Collection Tubes. The 6mL, 13 x 100 mm tubes come with a BD Hemogard Closure to keep all contents safely inside and reduce the chance of lost specimens.

Product Features:

Quantity 100/Case
Tube Size 13 x 100 mm
Material PET
Specimen Blood
Additive None
Volume 6 mL
Cap Color Clear


Bd Vacutainer No Additive (Z) Plus Blood Collection Tube Faqs FAQs

Where are BD blood tubes manufactured?

BD Vacutainer produces its blood tubes in its various factories across the globe, with the majority of manufacturing taking place in the UK.

What does it mean when a blood tube has no additive?

Blood tubes labeled "No Additive Z" have no chemical additives that interact with the blood. This means that within an hour of being in the tube, the blood will be completely coagulated (solid).

What is a BD Vacutainer used for?

BD Vacutainer tubes are used to collect blood and provide safe transport for blood to the laboratory for testing.

What does BD stand for in Vacutainer?

BD stands for Becton Dickinson.

What is the purple blood tube called?

Purple top blood tubes are called K2 EDTA tubes because of the K2EDTA on the inner wall of the tube.

Why is there a shortage on blood tubes?

Due to supply chain issues and limited product availability, blood tubes, like many other products, are experiencing shortages.

What is in the purple blood tube?

Purple blood tubes are used to test for infectious diseases and blood type.

What tests are commonly performed with a purple top tube?

Blood being tested for HIV, West Nile Virus, H7H, Retic, and CMV are common with purple top blood tubes.

Who invented Vacutainer technology?

Joseph Kleiner developed glass Vacutainer technology in the late 1940s. The first Vacutainer device was for sale by BD in 1949.

What are the 3 main veins to draw blood?

The cephalic, median cubital, and basilic veins are the main veins to drawn blood – all are located in the arm. The median cubital vein is the first choice, especially for more novice practitioners since it’s a large vein.

What tubes are used for what blood tests?

Red - Lipase, Uric Acid Marble - B12, Cancer Markers Light Green - Heptic Panel, Cardiac Markers Blue - PTT, DDimer Green - Lactic Acid, Carbamazepine Gray - Lactic Acid Purple - BNP, HIV Pink - Antibody Screen, Rhogam Workup Royal Blue - Lead, Mercury Check out this comprehensive chart for more information on the uses of each tube.

What color tube for bmp?

Basic metabolic panel (BMP) testing uses red-top tubes.

How long can blood samples be stored before testing?

Blood samples kept at room temperature should be tested within 8 hours of being drawn. Those needing to be stored longer, should be kept in the freezer or liquid nitrogen to maintain the properties of the blood.

What color tube for cmp?

Comprehensive metabolic panels use red-top and green-top tubes.

What’s a CMP vs a BMP?

Comprehensive metabolic panels (CMP) test for 14 different substances in your blood, while Basic metabolic panels only measure for 8 of those 14. Examples of what's being checked are liver and kidney function, electrolyte balance, blood sugar levels, and more.

What is a specimen collector?

A specimen collector is a person who is responsible for collecting, performing data entry tasks, and transporting specimens (e.g. urine, saliva).

What is a specimen pan used for?

A specimen collector pan is placed inside toilets to aid in the collection of urine and stool samples. The pan helps make sure the proper collection occurs, without wasting any of the sample.

What is a urine hat called?

Nurse's hats and specimen collectors are other names for urine hats.

Can you reuse a urine hat?

You should not reuse urine hats. Instead, when you need to have more specimen tested, order a new, clean urine hat to make sure your results are accurate.