BD Microtainer Blood Collection Tubes, Microgard Closure


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BD Microtainer Blood Collection Tubes, Microgard Closure

Wide-mouth pathway of flo-top collector permits capillary blood to flow freely into tube, minimizing chance of premature clotting in collection top. The unique ”twist-assist” MICROGARD™ closure significantly reduces blood splatter upon removal, in comparison with other tube closures. 200-400 micro-liter capacity. Made of break-resistant plastic.


Country of Origin Unknown
Application Capillary Blood Collection Tube
Dimensions 15.3 X 46 mm
Sterility NonSterile
Closure Type BD Microgard™ Closure
Material Plastic Tube
Manufacturer BD
Additional Information:

The BD Microtainer Blood Collection Tubes are designed for use with the BD Vacutainer Blood Collection System. The tubes are made of durable plastic and feature a Microgard closure that helps to prevent leakage. The tubes are available in a variety of options, including K2EDTA, Lithium Heparin, PST Amber, PST, Serum, Sodium Fluoride, Na2EDTA, SST Amber, and SST.