Dental Bite Blocks, Yellow, 50/Case


Dental Bite Blocks


Keep a patient’s mouth and jaw wide open during clinical procedures using dental bite blocks. They are built to withstand the force of a patient’s jaw pressing down, while also maintaining comfort while wearing braces or during surgeries.


  • 50/Case
  • Available in yellow
Additional Information:

Looking for an easy way to keep your patients' mouths open during dental procedures? Look no further than these dental bite blocks! Made of soft, pliable material, these bite blocks are comfortable for patients and easy for you to use. Simply place the block in the patient's mouth and have them bite down - it's that easy! These bite blocks are yellow in color and come in a case of 50.


What is a bite block in dentistry?

Bite blocks (ramps) are used in orthodontic treatments to keep the upper and lower teeth from touching.

How does a bite block work?

Bite blocks are made of plastic that shapes to your teeth and prevents the upper and lower teeth from coming in contact.

Should I wear a bite plate while sleeping?

Yes, bite plates need to be worn at all times (unless you’re brushing your teeth) in order to be effective.

Can you eat with bite blocks?

Yes, you can eat with bite blocks in. Immediately after having them put in, soft foods are recommended to help you adjust.

Can bite blocks damage teeth?

Bite blocks are used to prevent tooth damage during dental procedures and while wearing metal braces.