Dental Bite Blocks, Purple, 50/Case


Dental Bite Blocks


Built to withstand the force of a patient’s jaw pressing down, during orthodontic procedures and while wearing braces, bite blocks also maintain a high level of comfort for patients. Also called mouth props and ramps, they are used to prevent potential damage that could occur from the upper and lower teeth touching.

Additional Information:

Dental bite blocks are an important part of many dental procedures. They help to keep the mouth open and prevent biting during procedures. These purple dental bite blocks are 50 in a case.


What is a bite block in dentistry?

Bite blocks are used in orthodontic procedures and by those wearing braces to keep the upper and lower teeth from touching – to prevent damage.

How does a bite block work?

Bite blocks (ramps or mouth props) are placed on the teeth and prop open the mouth. The size of the mouth prop prevents the upper and lower teeth from coming in contact with one another.

Can I wear a bite plate while sleeping?

Bite plates can and should be worn while sleeping to be the most effective.

Can you eat with bite blocks?

You can eat with bite blocks in.

Can bite blocks damage teeth?

The purpose of bite blocks is to prevent tooth damage that could occur from the upper and lower teeth coming in contact, not cause damage by separating them.