Halyard O.b. Packs




Halyard O.b. Packs

Sterile pack contains: (1) back table cover, zone-reinforced, 44" x 90", (1) set-up cover, 76" x 44", (1) large ULTRA impervious surgical gown with towel, (2) absorbent towels, 15" x 26", (1) baby blanket, (1) under-buttocks drape, 40" x 44", with fluid collection pouch (absorbent pad), (2) leggings with 6" cuffs, (1) abdominal drape, 60" x 38" (CONTROL™ PLUS fabric reinforcement, (1) peri pad, (1) HOLLISTER™ cord clamp, (1) vaginal packing sponge, (1) 2 oz DAVOL™ bulb syringe, (10) 4" x 4" x-ray detectable sponges, (1) placenta basin with lid.


Country of Origin Honduras
Application Obstetrics and Gynecology Drape Pack
UNSPSC Code 42295414
Drape Pack Name OB Pack III
Sterility Sterile
Manufacturer O&M Halyard Inc
Additional Information:

The Halyard O.b. Packs are available in two different options. Option 1 is the OB Pack IV, and Option 2 is the OB Pack III. The OB Pack III includes an abdominal drape, two leggings, an under buttocks drape, a back table cover, two absorbent towels, and an ultra zoned impervious gown.