Smith & Nephew Algisite M Calcium Alginate Dressing


Alginate Dressings


Smith & Nephew Algisite M Calcium Alginate Dressing

Made of fast-gelling, high mannuronic acid fibers from calcium alginate, which is extracted and purified from a natural, renewable source - seaweed. When exudate comes into contact with the dressing, it forms a hydrophilic gel that remains in intimate contact with the wound surface, helping to create and maintain a moist wound environment.


  • Fast gelling, high mannuronic acid fibers
  • Conforms to wound contours
  • Algisite M is a calcium-alginate dressing which forms a soft, gel that absorbs when it comes into contact with wound exudate
  • Easy to remove
  • Low fiber shed


Country of Origin United Kingdom
Application Calcium Alginate Dressing
Brand AlgiSite M
UNSPSC Code 42311540
Color White
Sterility Sterile
Material Calcium Alginate
Manufacturer Smith & Nephew
Additional Information:

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