West Virginia Health Services Chooses bttn as Preferred Provider

October 17, 2021 – SEATTLE, WA -- bttn, a health-tech startup revolutionizing the way healthcare providers access medical supplies, announced a new preferred provider partnership with West Virginia Health Services, Inc. (WVHS). WVHS joins two dozen other hospital associations that have partnered with bttn to simplify access to critical medical supplies for the healthcare community. WVHS chose bttn for its unique, transparent, and accessible approach to procuring medical supplies for its members. 

 “Our goal at bttn is to revolutionize the medical supply market by bringing transparency, ease-of-use, and simplification to each of our healthcare providers. It is insane to expect healthcare workers -- now exhausted from dealing with a 20-month long pandemic -- to use archaic procurement methods to purchase supplies with back-and-forth calls, emails, and faxes. We built a platform that makes ordering as easy as clicking a button,” said JT Garwood, CEO and Co-Founder of bttn. “ WVHS members will benefit from this simple, highly efficient approach to purchasing medical supplies. WVHS advocates for its members and they know access to medical supplies is critical to the health of the entire West Virginia community.”

West Virginia Health Services, Inc. is a wholly owned, for-profit subsidiary of the West Virginia Hospital Association specializing in group purchasing and related administrative services.  WVHS is dedicated to providing its members high-quality, low-cost products and services, and provides technical assistance in analyzing materials management functions, clinical services, financial management, and environmental needs for hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

“Our member hospitals have been under duress for the better part of two years,” said Jim Kaufman President and CEO of West Virginia Hospital Association. “The role of WVHS is to vet providers that will lower costs, save time, or reduce stress for our members.  bttn provides our members easy access to quality medical supplies through an easy-to-use solution.”

The West Virginia Hospital Association, which is supported by the efforts of WVHS, includes 64 hospital and health systems and represents nearly 49,000 employees. Annually, the WVHA members:

  • Admit over 225,000 patients
  • Host 6.5 million outpatient visits
  • Treat nearly 1.2 million people in their emergency departments
  • Perform 270,000 surgeries
  • Welcome over 18,000 newborns

About bttn

bttn serves healthcare practitioners by lowering the cost of healthcare. Our platform automates purchasing of medical supplies at direct-from-manufacturer prices. Additionally, bttn. provides market-based data reports to customers to promote market transparency. By streamlining the ordering process, and moving it to an e-commerce platform, bttn enables customers to save on their medical supply bill while delivering faster than typical medical supply channels. Choose www.bttnusa.com to automate your medical supply today. bttn is headquartered in Seattle, WA, growing rapidly.