Washington Purchasing Co-Op partners with bttn.

Washington Purchasing Co-Op partners with bttn.

An Answer to PPE Shortages and High Prices: Washington Healthcare Associations Partner with Healthtech Start-Up, bttn. to Buy Quality PPE as a Group

SEATTLE, Wash., May 3, 2021 – As vaccines roll out and COVID-19 cases decrease across the US, healthcare organizations are still feeling the impacts of the supply shortages caused by the pandemic. In Seattle, Washington, the unique Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Purchasing Co-op has helped over 675 healthcare organizations of all types across Washington state purchase necessary PPE to ensure safety of patients and staff. This collaborative effort has already had a huge impact on the Washington Healthcare Community.

To procure PPE supplies that are high quality and cost-effective, the Washington PPE Purchasing Co-Op partnered with bttn. (pronounced button), a Seattle-based online healthtech marketplace powered by big data insights. By automating medical supply purchasing, bttn.’s mission is to democratize pricing on the world’s most vital supplies and serve all in the healthcare industry. bttn.’s pricing saves buyers 10-20% on average and delivers up to 3x faster than traditional medical supply channels.

Terri Blazell-Wayson from the Washington Association for Community Health said, “the WA PPE Purchasing Co-Op and its partnership with bttn is a prime example of organizations coming together for the benefit of all. Access to quality PPE at affordable pricing is a game changer for our Community Health Center members who were really struggling to find PPE. Our members didn’t know who to trust and their standard suppliers had them on such tight allocation that they couldn’t get the quantities they needed. Pricing had sky-rocketed. They had to make the decision between personal safety and reusing products to stretch their tight supply. Bttn changed all that. Quality products with no quantity restrictions at reasonable prices plus free delivery. We couldn’t ask for more. We will be relying on bttn for years to come.”

The partnership benefited hundreds of healthcare providers to procure quality products at wholesale prices. Millions of units of PPE and medical supplies were delivered in April to a variety of healthcare organizations across the state.

JT Garwood, CEO of bttn., stated that “ bttn. aggregates medical supply manufacturing data, macro-economic trends, and previous buying behavior to pass cost savings to our customers. During the pandemic, hospitals were forced to pay exorbitant prices for PPE, and needed to deploy large cash deposits to obtain supplies. Recent reports show doubling of hospital expenses over the past year. Our partnership with the Washington Co-Op allowed us to use our pricing models and manufacturer network to bring products to hundreds of healthcare workers across Washington, saving them money and protecting cash flows along the way.”

The bttn. team worked during the pandemic to supply millions of units of PPE and medical supply across the United States. They witnessed healthcare providers shut out from supply channels and suffered huge losses as a result of grey market goods. In response, bttn. ensures healthcare costs are reduced and implemented automated technology to prevent future supply shortages.

“The COVID-19 Pandemic turned PPE procurement on its head. At a time when PPE is needed more than ever, small health care and long term care facilities experienced great difficulty in procuring supplies through their traditional channels. Procuring items like respirators, which were not typically used in dental offices pre-pandemic, has been particularly difficult. To tackle this challenge, several health and long term care associations joined together to form a cooperative group purchasing effort to help our members,” said Bracken Killpack, Executive Director, Washington State Dental Association. “Our first job was to find a vendor who knew the ins and outs of PPE purchasing and had a direct line to vetted manufacturers.”

bttn. is the solution.

Media Contact: JT Garwood, jt@bttnusa.com



bttn. is a healthtech medical supplier powered by big data and predictive pricing models. bttn. reduces healthcare costs by analyzing medical supply manufacturing and macro economic trends to maximize doctor office’s purchasing power and prevent cash flow squeezes. bttn.’s advanced data modeling uses predictive pricing to optimize purchasing habits, and automate healthcare purchasing. bttn. connects buyers to products manufacturers easier than ever. Healthcare is expensive, bttn. is doing their part to reduce the cost for all.

Washington PPE Purchasing Co-Op

With the heightened need for PPE due to the novel coronavirus, and the cost and shortage of reliable PPE, a public-private collaborative group of healthcare associations and organizations have come together to facilitate group purchasing of vetted, high quality PPE. For more information visit www.onehealthport.com/ppe-coop.

Washington Healthcare Forum

Founded in 1999, the Washington Healthcare Forum is a coalition of physicians, hospitals, health plans and state associations that have joined together to improve the local health care system. For more information visit www.wahealthcareforum.org.