Jul 20 , 2021

Anthony Bonacci

Marct AI Profile | Featured in Marct AI 7/20 Newsletter

bttn. is here to digitize the medical supply chain and in doing so save healthcare facilities of all shapes and sizes, from a single dental office to a hospital association, both time and money when it comes to medical, surgical & PPE supply procurement. Ultimately our goal is to pass these savings off to the end consumer and cut healthcare costs globally. 

May 25 , 2021

Jack Miller

The Founder Analysis: State of Logistics Worldwide

The bttn. mission is based in sharing data on supply chain complexities in hopes to inform the healthcare community and democratize pricing on the supplies they need most. While the price of rubber in Malaysia or the availability of workers in India might seem like obscure problems to those that do not sit in the unique position that our company holds, they directly affect each and every organization in the healthcare industry.


Our Co-Founder, Jack Miller, will share valuable insights on the medical supply chain and apply this analysis to your daily purchasing. Read The Founder Analysis monthly on our blog!