Solutions for Long Term Care

Solutions for Long Term Care

On Monday, February 14, bttn hosted an educational webinar to discuss bttn’s solutions for Long Term Care. The webinar speakers included:

  • bttn Co-founder and CEO JT Garwood
  • bttn Co-Founder and Head of Product, Jack Miller
  • Matt Hansen, Executive Director of Homecare and Hospice Association of Utah and Deputy Director with Civica Management
  • Daniel Weisman, CEO of American PAPR

JT started the webinar off by noting that Long Term Care is a broad term with various nuances. bttn uses Long Term Care as an umbrella for Assisted Living, Elder Care, Home Care, and Hospice because these sectors have similar product needs. Our products in the Long Term Care Collection are appropriate for all of these types of facilities.

JT talked about how bttn is bringing price transparency to the medical supply acquisition market, noting that Mark Cuban has just announced his foray into price transparency for Prescription pharmaceuticals with Cost Plus Drug Company.

Jack talked about the e-commerce platform bttn is building to save providers time, effort, and money in the procurement process. He invited attendees and providers to connect with him to provide feedback on the features and functionality they want to see in the platform as it evolves.

Matt Hansen talked about how bttn is working closely with the industry to design the services and platform to meet the needs of healthcare practitioners. He discussed the challenges of finding PPE for smaller providers, both at the early part of the pandemic and, in general, the challenge of finding quality supplies at a fair price.

Daniel Weisman demonstrated a Felix200, Powered Air Purifying Respirator, that can be used in Long Term Care facilities to keep caregivers safe while providing improved patient outcomes. 

We look forward to hosting additional educational webinars in 2022. Follow bttn to stay up to date on all our news and future events.