Industry Observations From bttn Founder JT Garwood

Industry Observations From bttn Founder JT Garwood

With the continued rise in COVID-19 cases, we are seeing major supply chain concerns around a few products, testing in particular. Abbott’s inventory and future production capacity was recently purchased by the Federal Government, making it harder for some providers to access testing supplies through traditional Abbott channels. Over the weekend, the Biden administration announced Amazon, Kroger and Walmart will be selling over-the-counter tests "at cost," a discount of up to 35% from retail prices, over the next three months. Rather than having your patients go to local pharmacies for tests, stock up on testing supplies in your practice to continue being a trusted resource for your patient community. 


In concert with this new information on Abbott availability, our data analysis tools are signaling extended shortages for testing supplies.  We are seeing online searches/traffic and purchases relating to "COVID-19 testing" have ballooned almost 3000%+ week over week. This is likely due to the lack of (known) testing alternatives and the increase of case and hospitalization trends.


The good news for our customers is that we have access to millions of testing kits from a variety of suppliers across the US. As is our mission, we are keeping prices as low as we can even when demand surges.


Whether your organization is searching for Rapid PCR, Lab-Based PCR, Rapid Antigen, Antigen, NAT, Saliva Direct, Pooled Testing, or Next Generation Sequencing, the bttn. team has you covered. 


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