Gov't Testing Q&A - Why bttn?

Gov't Testing Q&A - Why bttn?

Why would I buy a test from bttn when I can get them free from the government?

We applaud the federal government's efforts to get tests into the hands of our communities via Beginning January 19, 2022, each household can order up to four tests per resident. The government estimates that citizens will have the tests by the end of January.

bttn is an excellent resource for businesses and medical settings that require far more than four tests per address.

If the government is offering tests, why order from bttn? We provide tests in bulk to businesses and medical practitioners to test their workforce, staff, and patients. We appreciate the efforts of the federal government to get tests in the hands of its citizens. There are many reasons, businesses may want to continue to purchase tests in bulk and offer the tests on-premise. 

1. They are a medical facility testing staff and patients. 

2. To offer the convenience of testing on-premise to their employees.

3. To see the test results directly from their employees on-premise or to utilize the services of an on-premise proctor, such as WellStand, to ensure the tests are done accurately and correctly.

4. To collect and monitor test data to understand trends about the health of their workforce.

I still don’t understand why people or businesses would pay for tests from bttn when the federal government is giving them out for free?   

This component of the federal government program is meant to support individuals and households. It is meant to offer another layer of health to battle the coronavirus. It will support parents trying to determine whether their children should go to school or whether they should go take care of their loved ones or whether they themselves should go to work. This particular program is not meant to replace the vaccinate or test to stay mandates that are currently in front of the courts. 

What tests are the federal government offering?

According to various news reports, there will be up to four different brands of tests being offered by the government. At this moment I do not have information on which four tests they are planning to offer.

How long does it take to get a test from the government?

The government estimates tests will ship 7 to 10 days after ordering. They will ship via USPS. USPS indicates delivery times vary based on location and can be impacted by factors such as weather and ongoing supply chain challenges.

How long is shipping from bttn?

We quote 7 to 14 days for the shipment of our tests. If and as we anticipate there to be an impact on shipping timelines, we notify customers.

Now that insurance is required to pay for testing, can bttn bill my insurance for my test?

The federal mandates regarding insurance paying for tests apply to households ordering up to eight tests per month. As bttn sells bulk, our smallest package includes 40 tests. Additionally, we sell to businesses and medical practitioners. Therefore, we are unable to directly bill your insurance for you. 

Can businesses bill insurance for purchasing tests through bttn?

That is a question you should ask your insurance provider. We provide invoicing and receipts that you can use in your discussions with your insurance.