Founder Insight: Jack Miller with Ryan Bartley on the Future of B2B E-Commerce

Founder Insight: Jack Miller with Ryan Bartley on the Future of B2B E-Commerce

Jack Miller, COO and Co-founder of bttn and fabric CSO and Co-Founder Ryan Bartley recently hosted a webinar discussion on the future of e-commerce. If you missed the webinar, you can catch it again above.

Ryan’s deep background in building retail channels made him realize there is a massive gap between the tools that exist to build today’s commerce sites and the type of sites that need to be built - modular, composable, fast. Fabric is providing tools for today’s pace of business. bttn turned to fabric to build a customized B2B e-commerce platform that would meet the unique needs of medical supply buyers.

Jack highlighted the huge opportunity that exists to modernize the antiquated and outdated medical supply industry. He noted that digitizing transactions will not only offer convenience to providers but that it is vital for the well-being of the nation to see the prices of medical supplies go down.

Jack discussed how bttn outgrew its initial commerce platform because most providers are focused on B2C, whereas bttn is providing a verticalized B2B platform. Through conversations with fabric, it became clear that fabric respected the complexity of B2B and the need for customization.

Ryan added that customer expectations are not static. They grow. Businesses need to be able to rely on the commerce platform to do things like be available 24/7, be international, and surface deep content so that your sales force can be focused on providing in-depth knowledge and providing better customer service.

Customer expectations are changing. Consumers, who have been home for almost 2 years, ordering everything from groceries to dog food to printer ink expect the same experience when returning to the office and procuring medical supplies.

Fabric is providing a modular, composable, and flexible B2B commerce platform. bttn is building the future of medical supply on that platform and fast becoming the poster child of what is possible in B2B.