Disposable Diamond Gloves: bttn’s Product of the Month

Quality disposable gloves are a non-negotiable product in healthcare practices and businesses. They keep patients safe, as well as providers. But employees of healthcare settings aren’t the only ones who wear disposable latex and nitrile gloves regularly at work. Any position that requires barriers between skin and chemicals, interactions with animals, waste and more can benefit from the use of a puncture and chemical-resistant glove.

At bttn, we know that having disposable medical glove options is important, and it’s crucial that we provide a high-quality, affordable, and reliable product to our customers, which is why we offer Diamond Gloves in a variety of different glove material variations, sizes, and quantities. 

"Diamond Gloves are loved by customers throughout our industry,” says Rich Garwood, bttn’s Head of Supply Chain, “These gloves are high-quality, fairly priced, and have robust sizing availability." 

Read on to learn more about the types of Diamond Gloves offered by bttn.

Diamond Gloves Nitrile Exam Gloves


which gloves are best for medical use

The disposable nitrile gloves from Diamond Gloves are an excellent product for medical settings. This material is great for practices and businesses that must be sensitive to the possibility of allergic reactions for patients or customers with latex allergies. This glove type also features textured fingertips for improved dexterity while performing tasks with small instruments. 

Nitrile glove products also have remarkable puncture resistance when compared with other glove materials. Diamond Gloves’ nitrile gloves are powder-free and include a beaded cuff for ease of wearing. 

Diamond Gloves Latex Exam Gloves


diamond gloves

Diamond Gloves latex gloves are made from high-grade natural rubber latex and are powder-free with a beaded cuff to prevent rolling when donning and wearing. These disposable latex gloves from Diamond Gloves are designed for flexibility and stretch with a comfortable fit. 

Latex gloves are exceptionally tear-resistant and are excellent for laboratory settings, as they provide great resistance to bloodborne pathogens. Like Diamond Gloves nitrile gloves, Diamond Gloves latex examination gloves also feature textured fingertips for improved dexterity while performing tasks with small instruments.

Which Gloves Are Best for Medical Use?

Nitrile gloves are often considered best for use in medical settings. A high-quality disposable nitrile glove protects the wearer from pathogens, fluids, and sharp equipment that can puncture other lower-quality glove types. They also protect patients with latex allergies from allergic reactions. 

Latex gloves fit closely and are very flexible, allowing for very precise movements and a fit that feels more like a “second-skin,” which is more appropriate for certain lines of work where latex allergies are not a concern. 

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bttn is committed to providing you with quality products like Diamond Gloves at fair prices. Bringing transparency and reliability to the ordering process for essential supplies like latex and nitrile gloves is our goal. Contact us for assistance in addressing your medical supply needs. 


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